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Alishan Railway

Chiayi and Alishan

Having been curious about visiting the famous Alishan, we frantically made a call to go there..during winter! Yes, winter! Knowing for sure there won’t be any snow even in the highest point in Taiwan, we thought what will be unbearable about it. So there we went finding information. Personally, I was not aware that Alishan is located in county of Chiayi (worst, I did not know at all about Chiayi).


Sufood (舒果)

One day, we were bored with eating fish, lamb, beef or pork. Thus, we decided to find a good vegetarian restaurant. Personally, we don’t really like most of vegan restaurants. They create meat using “so claimed” no animal products. Why bother to offer meat if it’s not even from animal? We once ate this “fake” meat and so we are not sure we want to do that again. Let’s just stick with spinach, broccoli or alfalfa :). However, this vegan restaurant, called  Sufood, gives us different impression.

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