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PP Breakfast (品品早餐)

We have written a lot of brunch places, cafes, and restaurants, but well since we are in Taiwan, of course who has not tried out local Taiwanese breakfast? By this, we mean breakfast that most locals have as they kick off their morning routines, not the overrated ones that are suggested by plenty of travel bloggers (we have been there, but for now we haven’t considered to talk about that yet).

Peace & Love Cafe

What would suit your mood best when it is raining outside? For us, it would be staying indoor and lazing out, enjoying the cool breeze (of aircon :mrgreen:), and yes of course we mean during weekends – how we wish we can do this on weekdays too 😛 . So for this time, we are so much motivated to share with you a place we consider our very own hide-out base.

Shih Li An (十里安手麵)

Simply longing for home-cooked Chinese food or feeling indecisive where to eat around neighborhood of Dapinglin (大坪林)? Those are exactly the reasons how we ended up visiting this “quite new” restaurant; plus the promotion they were having by the time we passed by.

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