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Sufood (舒果)

One day, we were bored with eating fish, lamb, beef or pork. Thus, we decided to find a good vegetarian restaurant. Personally, we don’t really like most of vegan restaurants. They create meat using “so claimed” no animal products. Why bother to offer meat if it’s not even from animal? We once ate this “fake” meat and so we are not sure we want to do that again. Let’s just stick with spinach, broccoli or alfalfa :). However, this vegan restaurant, called  Sufood, gives us different impression.


Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant (和民)

In Taiwan, especially in Taipei, it is very easy to find Japanese restaurants. However, it is a little bit hard for us to know which one is worth our money. If you haven’t spent enough time in Taiwan Taipei, a long queue in front of one restaurant can perhaps trick you into thinking that restaurant offers a very delicious (or cheap) foods and worth your money. First, we also think long queue in front of a place means that specific restaurant/shop has something special (price, taste, or any other thing). Been here for quite a while, we reconsider our thought and now believe that Taiwanese just love to stand in a line. Ha! Back to finding Japanese restaurant, several months ago we went to this restaurant, called Watami (和民) and we have revisited it several times since then. What’s so good about it?

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