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Coffee Alley (咖啡弄)

Cafespotting has been a culture for youngsters nowadays. Simply said, cafe culture in Taiwan is very much as booming as other parts of Asia like Singapore, Korea as well as China.

Specific for Taipei, I have done some research in blogs regarding well-known cafes and found out there are numbers of well-known places which are featured almost by every food bloggers (in casual random order):


Posing besides xiao long bao, stinky tofu and shaved ice, beef noodle (牛肉麵, read: niú ròu miàn) is popular all-around the globe as Taiwan’s iconic food. What makes this noodle so special?

Ireland’s Potato

Do you guys know what in this world that can’t be joked? Please gimme 2 answers! Alright, I believe some of you can make a good guess for the first answer: “Marriage”. You got it right? Great :). How about the second answer? This is a tricky one though ;P.

Ice Monster

It was an accidental encounter we could probably say. Previously, we (actually I, but anyway I would have dragged my partner as well so..) roamed around Yong Kang area to kind of trying to look for the famous Ice Monster stall one day, but it was nowhere to be found.

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