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The Aroma (Aroma Coffee)

Have you guys been wondering if there is any community where foreigners in Taipei can meet-up and mingle with locals, at the same time exchanging language skills? There is one (that we’ve heard quite a lot before but only recently proved it does exist) in convenient area of Ximending!

1861 Caffe

Anyone starting to wonder if we write the name of the place wrongly? Hahaha nope! It is really caffe with double-F instead of the normal cafe. As my partner mentioned this and thus we were thinking is this a mistake or simply they want to be different?

Gratin House (焗本家洋食屋)

Have you ever passed by Ximending (西門町) area and noticed a restaurant with a tired sad looking dog lazing around in front? We were not sure if it was meant to attract people to come and visit. However it seemed so pitiful with its tail not wiggling, looking tired and just laying down. Hmm, I recalled seeing more than one branch in operation in that area.

Pasta Bar (義大利麵の達人)

Monday Blue?! Nope-nope! Monday Red and Green probably I would say.. 😆 coz Christmas is coming? Partly true, but another reason is because we had reddish and greenish yummy pastas for our dinner!

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