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The Toast Heaven

What’s your impression when you heard the name of this place, “The Toast Heaven”? Literally a place full with variety of toasts? YES! It may be disappointing for you who aren’t bread lovers, but their menu just covers toasts – sweet french toasts with ice cream and fruits toppings and savoury ones with ham, sausages, and other meaty items.

Wednesday Cafe

Here is our about-an-hour afternoon tea time-lined experience in Wednesday Cafe, a cafe with simple stylist decor around Fuxing area.

Coffee Alley (咖啡弄)

Cafespotting has been a culture for youngsters nowadays. Simply said, cafe culture in Taiwan is very much as booming as other parts of Asia like Singapore, Korea as well as China.

Specific for Taipei, I have done some research in blogs regarding well-known cafes and found out there are numbers of well-known places which are featured almost by every food bloggers (in casual random order):

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