Wednesday Cafe

Here is our about-an-hour afternoon tea time-lined experience in Wednesday Cafe, a cafe with simple stylist decor around Fuxing area.

[15:43] My partner and I arrived in front of the cafe despite it was raining cats and dogs as I had made reservation two weeks before and we were too lazy to reschedule. Standing there for 2 mins, we still saw no sign of greeter so we just confusedly walked in trying to find any of the staff – or literally anyone.

[15:47] Found one of the staff and had him checked our reservation (which I honestly forgot whether I booked for 15:30 or 16:00  :lol:) – spotted my name on the list for 16:00 booking. It was a bit early, but they had some empty tables, so.. lucky us  😎

[15:56] Made our order: Waffle with homemade blueberry jam and Brownie with vanilla ice cream that we shared, Iced Black Tea for him and Hot Black Tea for me. It was not hard at all to decide on what we wanted as the choices in their menu are limited (we came for Afternoon Tea, remember?) 

[16:05] … I was still intrigued with their clean simple decoration, my eyes were kept entertained by the cafe interiors, while my partner was already yawning. No sign of our order yet.

[16:09] Finally..came our drinks, at least we had something to play with, keeping us engrossed. 

Tea in a pot

Tea in a pot

[16:15] He started to feel bored and began questioning where our orders were. Wandered did it take that long just to make waffles and brownie? Nevertheless felt reluctant to check with them.

[16:23] Our waffle was finally out! Without further ado, dig in! 

Waffles with homemade blueberry jam

Waffles with homemade blueberry jam

[16:35] Where was our brownieeeeeeeeeeeeeee?! (He: zzzz :mrgreen: )



Brownie with vanilla ice cream

“so small slice of brownie, how come is served with two scoops of ice cream? just now when we ate our waffles aiyooo need to save and eat little by little.” LOL but check the cute mr Homer and Bart!

homer & bart

Cute mr Homer and Bart spotted!

[16:50] OK. We’re full (not really sure if he was full, but at least I was haha). Time to bid ciao. Hold on, toilet break first. (comfy restroom observed).


Reception area

[17:00] Checked-out. 

It was a cozy cafe for group gathering with relaxed atmosphere and nice music.
Nice spaces between tables for private conversations.
Food quality was alright, waffle is to Belgium side (lighter than Taiwanese kind of waffle in Coffee Alley), brownie is baked perfectly.
Drinks were..yea normal..price is the one abnormal (set at 180NTD up).
Cute figurines displayed for SALE inside the cafe so “extensive” photo-taking is strictly prohibited ~.~
Service was lacking compared to other cafes – I  mean this cafe is more to the not-so-crowded side and they have quite a number of staff! Anyway, this can be a good point for serious business discussion (when you don’t wanna be interrupted again and again by concerning servers), probably?




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