Kura Sushi くら寿司

Sushi lovers in Taiwan, hold your breath! Authentic sushi chain restaurant finally arrived in our vicinity. Have you heard about Kura Sushi from fellow food-lovers? Not only in Taipei city (since end of December last year), it has opened its second Taiwan branch in Taichung too with business started officially just earlier this month.

Wayne's Boston front door

Wayne’s Boston

Taipei-ers! Do you know that there is a magic door just like Doraemon’s Anywhere Door to escape Taipei City directly to city of Boston in the US? Pssstt – if you don’t know, please keep this secret as we will share it with you  😛 

Tutti Cafe (Paw Hotel)

Heard a lot of hype about themed-cafe in Taipei? Shoot! Hello Kitty Cafe? Barbie Cafe? Mini (Cooper) Cafe? Or the overrated Toilet cafe? They are all now… sorry to say, outdated. Let us share with you what is currently trending in-town!

The Aroma (Aroma Coffee)

Have you guys been wondering if there is any community where foreigners in Taipei can meet-up and mingle with locals, at the same time exchanging language skills? There is one (that we’ve heard quite a lot before but only recently proved it does exist) in convenient area of Ximending!

Future Factory: A Good Cup of Coffee near Yuanshan Expo Park

Like to take a walk in Yuanshan Expo Park? Familiar with the crowd in MAJI2? Future Factory Coffee maybe a good option for your half-an-hour rest. Located just around mere 2-minute-walk from Exit 1 of Yuanshan MRT, this small cafe is known to provide good cup of coffee to almost everyone: groups of friends, casual business meetings or family gathering.

FabCafe Taipei: What do you fab?

Who of you are creative people? Where do you normally go or hang out? Do you know that in Taipei there is this place called FabCafe: A Place for Creating?

DOUTOR Coffee Shop (羅多倫咖啡)

Reminiscing our last visit to the rising sun of Asia, I was really excited once we randomly passed by a Doutor cafe in Taipei, just around Minquan East Rd. Station. Pleased of their breakfast experience in Japan, we are curious how will it be like in their overseas establishment.

52 Cafe [Taichung]

Haven’t you noticed the latest trend of latte art? It’s no longer simply a flat drawing of hearts, flowers, cute animals or cartoon characters, but it’s 3D now! Don’t you think it will be truly enhance our coffee time experience? If you agree, this post may be one possible reference 😉

The Toast Heaven

What’s your impression when you heard the name of this place, “The Toast Heaven”? Literally a place full with variety of toasts? YES! It may be disappointing for you who aren’t bread lovers, but their menu just covers toasts – sweet french toasts with ice cream and fruits toppings and savoury ones with ham, sausages, and other meaty items.

Awhile (外兒小館)

One clear day (it was winter, but weather was unexpectedly friendly), we were too happy to waste the great atmosphere outside and took a random walk around Fuzhong in Banqiao district as it has been awhile. We walked and walked and walked.. until we finally reached Central Banqiao area. Starting to feel tired, I initiated we find a place for a quick rest.

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