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DOUTOR Coffee Shop (羅多倫咖啡)

Reminiscing our last visit to the rising sun of Asia, I was really excited once we randomly passed by a Doutor cafe in Taipei, just around Minquan East Rd. Station. Pleased of their breakfast experience in Japan, we are curious how will it be like in their overseas establishment.

Aranzi Aronzo アランジアロンゾ (阿朗基咖啡)

Two more days left for this long weekend holiday…any plan yet? Hopefully this post can be one option to be considered? 😉 Have you heard of the brand ‘Aranzi Aronzo‘ before? How about these characters: “Usagi“, “Kappa“, “Panda“, and bad guy “Warumono“, anything familiar? Aranzi Aronzo started offby two ladies in Japan as a home original goods manufacturer. Styled as kawaii, Japanese for cute/adorable, it effectively created colourful attractive characters featured in their notebooks, t-shirts, postcards, and now cakes as well as drinks too.

eatogether (饗食天堂)

Ever got the sudden urge to have a sumptuous meal once in a while? Have you heard about the mighty 饗食天堂? When I first heard the name of the restaurant, I was quite intrigued. Why? Well, because it literally means satisfying food paradise. Still not convinced? Check out our review first!

Side window

Ippudo (一風堂)

Being loyal patron of Ippudo Ramen makes us hesitant to share this information with you guys. Why? Because even without many publications, we rarely get the chance to slurp this “claimed the best ramen in Taipei” without holding our hunger just for the queue.

CoCo Ichibanya Curry House

Who’s up for Japanese Curry?  😉 Let’s go to CoCo! Not the selling tea and fruit juice Coco, but the other internationally famous CoCo fully known as CoCo iChibanya Curry House.

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