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Tutti Cafe (Paw Hotel)

Heard a lot of hype about themed-cafe in Taipei? Shoot! Hello Kitty Cafe? Barbie Cafe? Mini (Cooper) Cafe? Or the overrated Toilet cafe? They are all now… sorry to say, outdated. Let us share with you what is currently trending in-town!

Future Factory: A Good Cup of Coffee near Yuanshan Expo Park

Like to take a walk in Yuanshan Expo Park? Familiar with the crowd in MAJI2? Future Factory Coffee maybe a good option for your half-an-hour rest. Located just around mere 2-minute-walk from Exit 1 of Yuanshan MRT, this small cafe is known to provide good cup of coffee to almost everyone: groups of friends, casual business meetings or family gathering.

Coffee Alley (咖啡弄)

Cafespotting has been a culture for youngsters nowadays. Simply said, cafe culture in Taiwan is very much as booming as other parts of Asia like Singapore, Korea as well as China.

Specific for Taipei, I have done some research in blogs regarding well-known cafes and found out there are numbers of well-known places which are featured almost by every food bloggers (in casual random order):

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