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Celebrating 90 Years of Disney

Disney Exhibition: Celebrating 90 Years Ruling of Two Legged Mouse

You know what Disney is, don’t you? Umm, Mickey? Two legged mouse who has a girlfriend called Minnie and a duck friend called Donald? Ring a bell?? Yes! That Disneyland’s Disney! I guess most of you know this Disney or even has a favourite character from one of its cartoons/movies. We have a good news for you! There is a Disney Exhibition here in Taiwan for its 90 years celebration of dreams.

LEGO Piece of Peace

LEGO Piece of Peace: One Day Around The World

Hi, guys! It’s new year already! What’s your new year resolution? Are you planning to go around the world this year? Well, it’s sure a very fantastic plan. However, if you’re low on budget and cannot afford that kind of plan, don’t worry! We have a good alternative for you. 🙂

eatogether (饗食天堂)

Ever got the sudden urge to have a sumptuous meal once in a while? Have you heard about the mighty 饗食天堂? When I first heard the name of the restaurant, I was quite intrigued. Why? Well, because it literally means satisfying food paradise. Still not convinced? Check out our review first!

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