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Paddington Garden (柏林頓花園)

Widely known as the “to-go” place for pancakes in Taipei, I have heard the name of Paddington Garden for quite sometimes. However, as other happening places, the hesitance to go and fight (read: queue) in this boiling hot weather is beyond the craving.


We are again back with tea-time-themed post! This time we would like to review a cafe with a unique concept of Japanese phenomenon termed ‘zakka‘, cute and attractive style. While the term does give out unfamiliar aura, just ease yourself with simply description of a cute and homey feeling designed cafe. I bet local Taipei cafe-spotting regulars would most probably recognize this place as it has been in operation since 2006 to-date.

CHABLIZ (Oyster & Wine)

This post has been postponed and postponed for quite a number of times. Hence I commit to start writing and finish it all at once on this lazy slow Saturday. 😐 CHABLIZ is a not a restaurant, and definitely not a family-friendly eating place. It is meant simply for a hang-out gastropub to laze out, have a light meal and sip a good wine to end the day with a wide smile.  😎

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