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Yes, Bear (是熊)

Yes, Bear is a cute cafe located in the street of Daan neighborhood, just behind the hustle and bustle of Dunhua South Road. It was a random pick for me and my partner-in-crime for our lunch date, which just happened to be Valentine’s day that day! We initially chose another cafe nearby but was drawn to this much cuter looking cafe on the way to our prior destination.

Starbucks @ Taipei 101 35F

Anybody up for coffee time in Starbucks? We bet some of you would say “yes”.. Hmmm, how about coffee time with an extra Taipei 101’s 35th floor view, then (underline the phrase: without additional charge)? Maybe a lot of you guys have heard about this.. but are you unsure how to actually get there? You’ve come to the right source (I hope :))!

Wednesday Cafe

Here is our about-an-hour afternoon tea time-lined experience in Wednesday Cafe, a cafe with simple stylist decor around Fuxing area.

Coffee Alley (咖啡弄)

Cafespotting has been a culture for youngsters nowadays. Simply said, cafe culture in Taiwan is very much as booming as other parts of Asia like Singapore, Korea as well as China.

Specific for Taipei, I have done some research in blogs regarding well-known cafes and found out there are numbers of well-known places which are featured almost by every food bloggers (in casual random order):

TJB Cafe by TheJeansBar

One very special day (12.12.12) my dear roommates L, F, and I planned to have a celebration (just kidding – we realized it only afterwards though).. Anyway, December (new month!) is coming  so we kinda feel like deserving a lunch off with yummy food  😉 (we hope to schedule at least one lunch-get-together session every month). Moreover, there is a trendy cafe cum brunch place in Gongguan just short walk away which L really wanted to try.

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