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Future Factory: A Good Cup of Coffee near Yuanshan Expo Park

Like to take a walk in Yuanshan Expo Park? Familiar with the crowd in MAJI2? Future Factory Coffee maybe a good option for your half-an-hour rest. Located just around mere 2-minute-walk from Exit 1 of Yuanshan MRT, this small cafe is known to provide good cup of coffee to almost everyone: groups of friends, casual business meetings or family gathering.


We are again back with tea-time-themed post! This time we would like to review a cafe with a unique concept of Japanese phenomenon termed ‘zakka‘, cute and attractive style. While the term does give out unfamiliar aura, just ease yourself with simply description of a cute and homey feeling designed cafe. I bet local Taipei cafe-spotting regulars would most probably recognize this place as it has been in operation since 2006 to-date.

Drip Cafe (好滴)

Following our post mentioning about the super happening cafe near Songshan Cultural Park, we proudly present to you our very own run-down of the one and only Drip Cafe (好滴) in Taipei. Just opened in the middle of last year, Drip Cafe has been a very popular establishment in the cafe-spotting world of Taipei. To give clearer details, to have a booking there we need to reserve very early, as early as 1 month in advance for weekday slot or (take a deep breath) 3 months in advance for weekend slot!

Ice Monster

It was an accidental encounter we could probably say. Previously, we (actually I, but anyway I would have dragged my partner as well so..) roamed around Yong Kang area to kind of trying to look for the famous Ice Monster stall one day, but it was nowhere to be found.

Chin Chin Café

Chin-Chin Café

Are you guys familiar with toast? I believe most of you have tried it many times. How about honey toast? Is it toasted bread spread with honey? Well, maybe, but Taiwanese has their own unique style.

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