Chin-Chin Café

Are you guys familiar with toast? I believe most of you have tried it many times. How about honey toast? Is it toasted bread spread with honey? Well, maybe, but Taiwanese has their own unique style.

They cut and pull out the inside of a huge loaf of bread, covered it with sugar and then toast it; top it with honey and other toppings i.e. ice cream, variety of diced-fruits, marshmallows, etc; BOOMMMMM! A nice-looking and super sweet dessert is served in front of you :).

Chin-Chin Café is one of the popular places to have a taste of honey toast. However, this café also serves choices of sandwiches, burgers, waffles and French fries. Located in the central of Taipei city, it attracts many young people in the area, especially during afternoon tea. It also provides nice ambience for group hang-outs but you cannot stay more than their limit of 90 minutes.

The menu did make us tempted to order almost each kind of food they offer. We managed to overcome this though; in the end we ordered Victoria Berry Honey Toast: gigantic block of honey toast with berries and strawberry ice cream as the toppings. At first, it tasted so heavenly but later on the overly sweetness came out and we could not even finish.

Other menus ordered are:

Chocolate Honey Toast

Seaweed flavored Fries

French Baguette Bacon Hamburg

Drinks we ordered (due to their policy of minimum 1 drink per diner):

Strawberry Au Lait: strawberry milk – too sweet for my taste bud, totally didn’t complement our honey toast, although was attractively presented <3

Honey Soda with Vanilla Ice Cream: Nice honey-flavoured soda topped with vanilla ice cream on top. Perfect balance!

PS: When we went there, Christmas decoration was up as if reminding us Santa is coming to town really soon!


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