Ice Monster

It was an accidental encounter we could probably say. Previously, we (actually I, but anyway I would have dragged my partner as well so..) roamed around Yong Kang area to kind of trying to look for the famous Ice Monster stall one day, but it was nowhere to be found. Instead, we saw some of Smoothie House shops (which were so inhumanely crowded) that we decided to skip for that time being.

So, in Dunhua area we found its existence. With the combination of white and blue (plus a little bit of yellowish hint) decoration, the store gave a fun and exciting ambience. Luckily we didn’t have to queue even though it was a sunny Sunday afternoon. We quickly approached the ordering counter and soon disappointment arose as the cashier mentioned there was 100NTD minimum spending for each diner. It was not without a reason; we just had our lunch and initially planned to sample the mango ice. Nonetheless, we ordered two items from the menu: Fresh Mango Sensation and Mango Blast.

Another staff led us to our table and soon served us a complimentary sample portion of Bubble Milk Tea sensation. It looked a bit unappetizing although taste was quite nice.

After about 10 minutes first came our Mango Blast. It was served cutely in a two-decked transparent glass vessel, separating the diced-mangoes and mango ice cream.

Mango Blast

Taste was acceptable, we were quite happy scooping until their Fresh Mango Sensation was served to our sight. It was the highlight of our afternoon icy-journey. Fresh Mango Sensation, as the name implied, was mounting shaved ice complete with a scoop of mango ice cream, some creamy pudding as well as lotsa-mangoes flooded with mango juices; giving the whole sense of mango that we couldn’t resist.

Fresh Mango Sensation

Besides the minimum spending requirement and the considered high price, I would consider ICE MONSTER as a great hideaway place especially if you are craving for mango-ish dessert.

*Note: their tissue dispenser is yellowly cute! ;).


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