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The Toast Heaven

What’s your impression when you heard the name of this place, “The Toast Heaven”? Literally a place full with variety of toasts? YES! It may be disappointing for you who aren’t bread lovers, but their menu just covers toasts – sweet french toasts with ice cream and fruits toppings and savoury ones with ham, sausages, and other meaty items.

Fuzhong 15

Enjoy Free Movies in Fuzhong 15

Living in Greater Taipei provides you a lot of options to spend your day, from killing your time drinking a cup of “cute coffee” in Sam Coffee to enjoying your day hiking to the peak of Yangmingshan. However, if you still think there are not enough things to keep your boredom away, perhaps you can try to give Fuzhong 15 a visit.

Awhile (外兒小館)

One clear day (it was winter, but weather was unexpectedly friendly), we were too happy to waste the great atmosphere outside and took a random walk around Fuzhong in Banqiao district as it has been awhile. We walked and walked and walked.. until we finally reached Central Banqiao area. Starting to feel tired, I initiated we find a place for a quick rest.

Peace & Love Cafe

What would suit your mood best when it is raining outside? For us, it would be staying indoor and lazing out, enjoying the cool breeze (of aircon :mrgreen:), and yes of course we mean during weekends – how we wish we can do this on weekdays too 😛 . So for this time, we are so much motivated to share with you a place we consider our very own hide-out base.


Sufood (舒果)

One day, we were bored with eating fish, lamb, beef or pork. Thus, we decided to find a good vegetarian restaurant. Personally, we don’t really like most of vegan restaurants. They create meat using “so claimed” no animal products. Why bother to offer meat if it’s not even from animal? We once ate this “fake” meat and so we are not sure we want to do that again. Let’s just stick with spinach, broccoli or alfalfa :). However, this vegan restaurant, called  Sufood, gives us different impression.

Shih Li An (十里安手麵)

Simply longing for home-cooked Chinese food or feeling indecisive where to eat around neighborhood of Dapinglin (大坪林)? Those are exactly the reasons how we ended up visiting this “quite new” restaurant; plus the promotion they were having by the time we passed by.

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