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Paddington Garden (柏林頓花園)

Widely known as the “to-go” place for pancakes in Taipei, I have heard the name of Paddington Garden for quite sometimes. However, as other happening places, the hesitance to go and fight (read: queue) in this boiling hot weather is beyond the craving.


Sufood (舒果)

One day, we were bored with eating fish, lamb, beef or pork. Thus, we decided to find a good vegetarian restaurant. Personally, we don’t really like most of vegan restaurants. They create meat using “so claimed” no animal products. Why bother to offer meat if it’s not even from animal? We once ate this “fake” meat and so we are not sure we want to do that again. Let’s just stick with spinach, broccoli or alfalfa :). However, this vegan restaurant, called  Sufood, gives us different impression.

Tokiya (陶板屋)

Having been wanting to have a “proper” x-course-meal all along, finally we had the chance to have a Christmas celebration dinner (yeah, 6 months ago :)) in one of restaurant chains by 王品; the F&B giant carrying brands like Wang Steak and Tasty.

Pasta Bar (義大利麵の達人)

Monday Blue?! Nope-nope! Monday Red and Green probably I would say.. 😆 coz Christmas is coming? Partly true, but another reason is because we had reddish and greenish yummy pastas for our dinner!

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