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Anyone an avid fan of LINE characters? Brown? Connie? about “one-eyed” Mike in Monsters, inc.? Would you be keen to have a latte art with their faces? Please, somebody say yes! Else, what would it make me look as I went crazy (literally with some screaming sound effects) upon my partner showing me the pictures of this cafe’s creations.

Well if you are not much a fan of Brown, Connie, or Mike, I bet most people (read: girls) will be happy to be presented nicely-drawn coffee and feel hesitant to drink (read: ruin) it. Still not tempted? You can just stop reading here. Why? Because truthfully, this cafe merely offers just. this. one. simple. thing. cute-cartoon-latte art. Maybe it is not that simple, but I mean yeah after our visit the whole experience is ONLY about that.

Last chance to back-out before explosions of cuteness…. 😉


(drum rolls….lololol) TADAAAA! or probably it’s not so surprising afterall as we’ve already put the two of them in featured image? XD

"Mike's Eye" Green Tea Latte

“Mike’s Eye” Green Tea Latte

"Brown" Cappucino

“Brown” Cappucino


Sam coffee sign

Sam coffee sign

Tucked in the deep alley of Nanjing East neighborhood, Sam 咖啡 is a little cafe recently filled with hype as (probably) the first cafe with LINE characters latte art. They are really good at aiming the target market as we, or everybody here in Taiwan, know Taiwanese are so crazy about cute stickers of the expression-less Brown, bold and loving Connie, etc. For us, as an example, who stay quite a distant from this cafe, it was quite a difficult adventure. Adding to that, it was raining the day we paid a visit. Nevertheless, for a new experience, we feel it was quite worth the trouble once you have a cup of “Brown” served in front of you.

We recommend all of you, especially LINE characters and Monsters, inc. Mike lovers to come and try yourself. And kindly make a reservation to ensure you don’t need to wait!  🙂


PS. We dropped by after a full lunch so we didn’t order any food item. But we saw most patrons enjoying tea-time dishes like waffles and sandwiches too (it was around 2 in the afternoon), so if you feel hungry you might as well give it a try!


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