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One very special day (12.12.12) my dear roommates L, F, and I planned to have a celebration (just kidding – we realized it only afterwards though).. Anyway, December (new month!) is coming  so we kinda feel like deserving a lunch off with yummy food  😉 (we hope to schedule at least one lunch-get-together session every month). Moreover, there is a trendy cafe cum brunch place in Gongguan just short walk away which L really wanted to try.

TJB Merchandises for Sale!






Opened by TheJeansBar group, TJB Cafe is bearing tags “quality coffee” and “the ultimate place to dine”. None of us tried their coffee, so no comment on the first one. For the second one, I can’t disagree to the fact that they have homey ambiance as well as acceptable comforting food. Having soft baby blue-ish decoration, it looks classic and attractive; smart move I notice. Just like Starbucks, they also sell merchandises (cute cakey towel, mugs, tumblers to “mineral water”).

Coming with growling empty stomach we arrived there about 12:30PM. Quickly being seated at second floor, we rushingly browsed their menu – rush term here meant about 15minutes HAHA (it’s always not easy to decide what to order, anyone agrees with me? :-P) and called it a go.

L decided on TJB Classic Breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, served with toast of your choice (white/wheat), salad, panfried mushrooms, fruit and a cup of tea. F chose Smoked Salmon Panini served with fries and salad; a little comment here: amount of smoked salmon was a bit ingenerous -.-. I, still not giving up on the mission to look for decent Eggs Benedict in Taiwan, made up my mind to order TJB Eggs Benedict: two poached eggs on muffins, topped with bacon and sausages, served with Potato O’Brien, panfried mushrooms, salad and a cup of tea (with plan in mind to also give The Diner’s Eggs Benedict a shot for sure).

We also ordered an entry to be shared, Double Cheese Quesadillas (served with little bit of Salsa), tasted alright. When it was served, we were a bit disappointed as it looked so different compared to the picture in their menu. However if you still decided to give them a try, kindly enjoy them while they are still hot – once they cool down, you may have hard time finishing (read: cold “frozen” molten cheese = ouch).

Positive note on L’s and my meals: bacons came in thick stripes, made them double fatty-yummy 😆
Check out pictures below!

TJB Classic Breakfast (TJB 经典早餐)


Smoked Salmon Panini (烟熏鲑鱼帕尼尼)


TJB Eggs Benedict (TJB 班尼迪克蛋)


Double Cheese Quesadilla

Having hard time finishing our big portioned meals, we decided not to continue on for dessert sampling session, maybe in the next visit  8-).

Additional note: their beverages are considered highly priced, not sure how they are like yet (you can check their menu in the pictures shown below).

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  1. From the picture, I would go with egg benedicts here. Just out of curiosity, what a quesadilla doing here? Seems like TJB cafe is mexican american dinner

    • I guess they offer quesadilla merely as a choice of appetizers. However if you crave for real ones what I would suggest is to go to Mex diner, say Chili’s? Though I heard that Chili’s in Taipei is not so good – anyway can’t say much as I personally haven’t tried it yet.

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