Starbucks @ Taipei 101 35F

Anybody up for coffee time in Starbucks? We bet some of you would say “yes”.. Hmmm, how about coffee time with an extra Taipei 101’s 35th floor view, then (underline the phrase: without additional charge)? Maybe a lot of you guys have heard about this.. but are you unsure how to actually get there? You’ve come to the right source (I hope :))!

**UPDATED January 2015**

Some changes have been taken place about visiting Starbucks @ Taipei 101 35F. Now they do not allow on-site queueing, and visitors are required to call them directly (02-8101-0701) to make reservation one day in advance. They will give us a time slot and the last slot available will be 90 minutes before closing time. Please wear appropriate outfit as this Starbucks is inside office premise (no slippers and shorts are allowed now). Another thing to take note is the minimum order is now changed to 1 drink + 1 bakery item per person (previously is just 1 drink per person). Maximum time limit of stay is still the same, 90 minutes.

Original Post:

Located in the Taiwan’s tallest tower, Starbucks @ Taipei 101 35F is a definite crowd magnet. With its available cramped space “supply” being compared to its visitors’ “demand”, queue is almost always present in the waiting line. How to spot where to line up? Just go to Taipei 101 office building (it is right beside its shopping mall) and find the allocated queuing area.

Starbucks queue signage

Starbucks queuing area signage

If you are still confused, just inquire at the concierge desk and someone will show you where to go. The security staff will also check the line regularly and pass you numbered queue-tags when you are ready to board the elevator and go up!

Queue tag

Queue tag

The rest.. actually is usual as per your normal visit to any Starbucks outlet. Just the view is different. Oh! And they will limit you to only 90 minutes stay 😐  Anyway there is always a chance for next visit if you consider it too short, right?


Outside view


Cramped seating area

Notice the sunset time written on the board. We didn’t get a peek of the sunset view during this afternoon visit. Maybe will check it out another time!



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  2. Lucky I found your blog! I would miss a chance to get in if i haven’t found out about this new policy urgh >,<

    I'm planning to visit Taipei next month and I want to go to Starbucks at Taipei 101 just to get the view from the building. Thank you so much for the update 🙂

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