PP Breakfast (品品早餐)

We have written a lot of brunch places, cafes, and restaurants, but well since we are in Taiwan, of course who has not tried out local Taiwanese breakfast? By this, we mean breakfast that most locals have as they kick off their morning routines, not the overrated ones that are suggested by plenty of travel bloggers (we have been there, but for now we haven’t considered to talk about that yet).

As a good sample, we dropped by to a neighbourhood breakfast place that is proven to be a local gem as it is crowded daily with people. We were curious about this place for quite sometimes and glad we finally made a visit, of course to be shared with you guys.

Decently decorated, this place opens daily only from 05:00 to 14:00 (isn’t it clear enough that they just serve breakfasts?). We were kind of hoping they provide similar type of breakfast as the other stores, ranging from toasts/sandwiches, egg rolls, big breakfast (complete high calories combination of carbs, proteins, vitamins, and FATS), burgers, to heavier choices like pasta, noodles, etc. But they (referring to the owner(s)) are simple-minded. I can’t seem to believe the fact that their business is doing so great with just few options of toasts and egg rolls. Okay, and of course beverages and one more addition of simple tomato pasta as more fulfilling choice.


PP breakfast made me realize the truth of “good business just sells what they can do best”. It’s not about varieties, but more on quality, isn’t it? Bring yourself to try and let us now what you think!

Oh, by the way, aside from the branch that we visited (Dapinglin branch), they also have another one in Zhonghe.


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