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Peace & Love Cafe

What would suit your mood best when it is raining outside? For us, it would be staying indoor and lazing out, enjoying the cool breeze (of aircon :mrgreen:), and yes of course we mean during weekends – how we wish we can do this on weekdays too 😛 . So for this time, we are so much motivated to share with you a place we consider our very own hide-out base.

Sam 咖啡

Anyone an avid fan of LINE characters? Brown? Connie? about “one-eyed” Mike in Monsters, inc.? Would you be keen to have a latte art with their faces? Please, somebody say yes! Else, what would it make me look as I went crazy (literally with some screaming sound effects) upon my partner showing me the pictures of this cafe’s creations.


We are again back with tea-time-themed post! This time we would like to review a cafe with a unique concept of Japanese phenomenon termed ‘zakka‘, cute and attractive style. While the term does give out unfamiliar aura, just ease yourself with simply description of a cute and homey feeling designed cafe. I bet local Taipei cafe-spotting regulars would most probably recognize this place as it has been in operation since 2006 to-date.

CHABLIZ (Oyster & Wine)

This post has been postponed and postponed for quite a number of times. Hence I commit to start writing and finish it all at once on this lazy slow Saturday. 😐 CHABLIZ is a not a restaurant, and definitely not a family-friendly eating place. It is meant simply for a hang-out gastropub to laze out, have a light meal and sip a good wine to end the day with a wide smile.  😎

LATTEA (綠蓋茶‧館)

LATTEA is a popular hang-out place for youngsters with a lot of outlets all over Taiwan (not just in Taipei). Basically, it is a simple cafe without any lavish cafe-ish furniture or ambience, but with its straight-forward tables and chairs, collections of magazines, as well as supported with inexpensive menu, it is more than enough for LATTEA to be filled with its loyal patrons everyday.


Who’s up for weekend brunch? ME, ME, ME!  😀 Well.. just like any other girls (this is merely my assumption though lol), I am really fond of having lazy brunch over the weekend. It is like one of a kind of a relaxing therapy or simply a ritual that I am looking up to. More over, a lot of choices of cute cafes and bistros are now popping all around (extended) Taipei. However, this does not mean it is easy to find a place where there is no queue.

Andy Thai (泰味廚房)

Probably this will be our first coverage of Thai food  😛 I admit there are quite a lot of choices of Thai restaurants here in Taiwan compared to the rest of South East Asian’s. 

Relish Cafe (瑞莉詩咖啡)

Having been hanging around Xindian (新店) district of New Taipei City for quite sometimes, there are some places worth introducing. One of those is Relish Cafe. Located in the main street just few blocks away from Dapinglin MRT Station (捷運大坪林站), it is always full of patrons regardless of the time.

Gratin House (焗本家洋食屋)

Have you ever passed by Ximending (西門町) area and noticed a restaurant with a tired sad looking dog lazing around in front? We were not sure if it was meant to attract people to come and visit. However it seemed so pitiful with its tail not wiggling, looking tired and just laying down. Hmm, I recalled seeing more than one branch in operation in that area.

Drip Cafe (好滴)

Following our post mentioning about the super happening cafe near Songshan Cultural Park, we proudly present to you our very own run-down of the one and only Drip Cafe (好滴) in Taipei. Just opened in the middle of last year, Drip Cafe has been a very popular establishment in the cafe-spotting world of Taipei. To give clearer details, to have a booking there we need to reserve very early, as early as 1 month in advance for weekday slot or (take a deep breath) 3 months in advance for weekend slot!

Yes, Bear (是熊)

Yes, Bear is a cute cafe located in the street of Daan neighborhood, just behind the hustle and bustle of Dunhua South Road. It was a random pick for me and my partner-in-crime for our lunch date, which just happened to be Valentine’s day that day! We initially chose another cafe nearby but was drawn to this much cuter looking cafe on the way to our prior destination.

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