1861 Caffe

Anyone starting to wonder if we write the name of the place wrongly? Hahaha nope! It is really caffe with double-F instead of the normal cafe. As my partner mentioned this and thus we were thinking is this a mistake or simply they want to be different?

I finally made a search about this caffe vs cafe thing. Well, it turns out caffe is not a term referring to place like cafe does. caffe is the Italian word for coffee. Or do they mean 1861 caffe as famous coffee dated back to year of 1861 (Okay, I probably need to stop this nonsense  😛 ). Just to mention as I type the previous sentence, it automatically auto-correct caffe to cafe (here as well).

Enough of the name debate. Let’s just talk about what they got to offer. I recently found this place on some local blogs and it seems quite interesting to check out a new eating place in Ximending area. Though Ximending area has been popular now and then for youngsters to hang out, we consider there is not much choice for dining. Most of the eateries are either all-you-can-eats, Japanese food, or pasta place.

So when we came to know this place, it was quite an arousal for us, moreover most blogs show very tempting photos of food  😀 nyammmm!

The place itself is quite small, but luckily although we came without reservation on a Friday night, we still manage to get a table. We were still surprised that despite its remote location (it is tucked in a deep alley inside Ximending), there were number of people aware of its presence.

Though I was really urged to order its pancake item, as it was dinner time I finally ordered something else more proper. We ended up having pizza and risotto – it was an al dente night!

Black Pepper Ham pizza

Black Pepper Ham pizza

Beef Bourguignon Risotto

Beef Bourguignon Risotto

Pizza was just alright, I considered it a bit plain as the topping was very much too little. Honestly, I’ll just ordered Domino’s pizza rather than this. My partner’s risotto was much more delicious! We were quite full after these two mains and in the end wasn’t able to taste their desserts, maybe next time  😉

Note: we forgot what drink we ordered but it was simply forgettable. Bad choice. The end.


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