Future Factory: A Good Cup of Coffee near Yuanshan Expo Park

Like to take a walk in Yuanshan Expo Park? Familiar with the crowd in MAJI2? Future Factory Coffee maybe a good option for your half-an-hour rest. Located just around mere 2-minute-walk from Exit 1 of Yuanshan MRT, this small cafe is known to provide good cup of coffee to almost everyone: groups of friends, casual business meetings or family gathering.

As crowded as MAJI2, it is unavoidable to simply ignore flocks of people hanging around the area. This humble coffee shop is limited to its 4-5 tables and a 5-seat bar capacity too; however we proved to luckily be able to secure our seats even though we were left with the bar seats. It was quite captivating moment for us to get the chance to closely watch the barista’s actions.

Aside from beverages (coffee and non-coffee), they also do provide light snacks including waffles, cronuts, etc. We were still full at that time hence we only opted for drinks. My partner ordered Affogato while I simply chose Caramel Macchiato. It was quite interesting as the barista was very friendly and upon completing each of our drink he explained to us knowledgeably how to enjoy it best and what was it made from.

Affogato - before

Affogato – before

Affogato - after

Affogato – after

They tasted quite good. Much acceptable than most of normal coffee in majority of cafe in Taipei. Oh and by the way apology for not including my Caramel Macchiato’s picture. Some technical issue at our end we supposed 😐

While I browsed the place for something to read, I bumped into some displays showing some Barista Championship Awards; we were contemplating afterwards if the barista-in-action at that time were the one winning those. I would love to intern there to gain some coffee-making experience!  :mrgreen:

Future Factory thick card

Future Factory thick card

Black board of Today's specialty

Black board of Today’s specialty

Outside - side view

Outside – side view


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